Global Studies

Global Studies

The Global Studies track is designed for students who are interested in global or international affairs. This track supports careers in government, diplomacy, international development, international business, and graduate school. Courses that students can take to support this track include, but are not limited to:   

           GEOG 3053: Introduction to Central Asian Studies

           GEOG 3133: Political Geography

           GEOG 3163: Economic Geography

           GEOG 3183: Transportation Geography

           GEOG 3723: Geography of Europe

           GEOG 3733: Geography of Russia and Its Neighbors

           GEOG 3743: Geography of Latin America

           GEOG 3752: Geography of Asia

           GEOG 3763: Geography of Africa

           GEOG 3783: Geography of the Middle East and Southwest Asia

           GEOG 3793: Geography of Australia and the Pacific Realm

           GEOG 4113: Cultural and Political Ecology

           GEOG 4143: Geography of Travel and Tourism

           GEOG 4233: Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

           GEOG 4600: Geography Study Abroad

Some examples of courses in other departments that could support this track are:

            AMST 3253: Globalization and American Culture

            GWST 2113: Transnational Women’s Studies

            AMST 4593: America in International Perspective

            GWST 4950: Special Topics in Global Feminism

            SOC 4533: World Population Problems

            SOC 4653: Gender and the Middle East