Welcome Emily Fekete

Dr. Emily Fekete (PhD, University of Kansas 2015) joined the OSU geography faculty as a Clinical Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor this fall. Her areas of specialty include the internet and social media, communications geographies, economic geographies of consumption, and American Sign Language and Deaf geographies. Welcome aboard, Emily!



The Department of Geography’s newest faculty member, Dr. Emily Fekete, earned her PhD in Geography from the Department of Geography at the University of Kansas in 2015. Dr. Fekete’s teaching and research strengths are in the areas of human and cultural geography, specifically the internet and social media, and economic geographies of consumption. Her dissertation research focused on using data from social media platforms to look at consumption patterns in various cities across the United States. She compared this data to demographic data to look at areas of disparity and the digital divide.

In addition to economic geographies, Dr. Fekete is also looking at how the internet and social media are affecting global cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare. She is also interested in American Sign Language and the Deaf community and is an active member in several Deaf Geographies initiatives.