Welcome Amy Fraizer


Dr. Amy E. Frazier (PhD, The University at Buffalo, 2013) joined the OSU geography faculty as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2013. Her research areas include remote sensing, landscape ecology, natural resource management, human-environment interactions, and spatial analysis. Welcome aboard, Amy!

Dr. Frazier’s research interests are focused on the integration of remote sensing, GIS, and landscape ecology to study global environmental change.  Specifically, she is interested in investigating how advances in GIS and remote sensing classification science can be used to overcome the challenges that often result when trying to use remote sensing or aggregated GIS data to study ground-based phenomena.  She is investigating these issues through studying the ecological patterns of invasive species, and is excited to be in Oklahoma, where there are plenty of invasive and non-native species!  

In addition to studying ecological and natural resource management issues, Dr. Frazier is using the methods she develops along with spatial analyses to explore the patterns and processes of urban decline. While urbanization is exploding in many cities throughout the world, a subset of global cities is experiencing a vastly different phenomenon known as shrinkage.   Shrinkage can manifest in a variety of physical changes to the landscape (e.g., building abandonment and demolition), and Dr. Frazier is interested in studying how these transformative land use changes impact the environmental patterns and processes in cities as well as the human-environment interactions.

The picture below was taken near the town of Ejina Qi, which is an oasis in the Gobi Desert. Camels are herded by the local people to provide milk, meat and wool, and they are often found grazing saltcedar because the leaves are extremely salty.

frazier in the field