Hongbo Yu

 Hongbo Yu

Associate Professor and GIS Certificate Coordinator

Department of Geography
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma  74078-4073

Office:  316 Murray Hall
Phone:  (405) 744-9167  or  (405) 744-6250
Fax:  (405) 744-5620
e-mail:  hongbo.yu@okstate.edu

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Geography The University of Tennessee


 M.Phil. Geography The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Geography Peking University




• Transportation Geography
• Geographic Information Systems and Sciences
• Time Geography
• Spatio-temporal Analysis and Modeling


Associate Professor, Department of Geography
Oklahoma State University, July 2011 - Present.

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography
Oklahoma State University, August 2005 - June 2011.

Vice Chair, Transportation Geography Specialty Group
The Association of American Geographers, April 2010 - Present.

GIS Certificate Coordinator, Department of Geography
Oklahoma State University, August 2006 - July 2010.

Board Member, Transportation Geography Specialty Group
The Association of American Geographers, April 2006 - April 2010. 


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Yu, H. and S-L. Shaw (2004) "Representing and visualizing travel diary data: a spatio-temporal GIS approach." Proceedings of the 2004 ESRI International User Conference, 2004, available on CD-ROM and at http://www.esri.com/library/userconf/archive.html.

PR: Peer Reviewed


Black Ice Detection and Road Closure and Warning Control System for Oklahoma
Tieming Liu (PI), Jeff Basara (OU), Satish Bukkapatnam, Yang Hong (OU), Ning Wang, and Hongbo Yu
Oklahoma Department of Transportaion
October 2012 - September 2014. Amount: $230,544.

Decision Support System for Road Closures in Flash Flood Emergencies
Tieming Liu (PI), Terry Collins, Yang Hong (OU), Jason Vogel, Hongbo Yu, and Lan Zhu
Oklahoma Transportaion Center
April 2012 - June 2013. Amount: $224,988 + $226,237 matching funds.

Towards a GIS-based Analytical Time-geographic Framework for Physical and Virtual Activities
Shih-Lung Shaw and Hongbo Yu
National Science Foundation, Division of Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences (BCS).  (Award # BCS-0616724). 
August 2006 - January 2010. Amount: $212,045 (OSU portion: $79,549).
Project web site: http://web.utk.edu/~sshaw/NSF-Project-Website

Incorporating Population Characteristics in Routing Decision for Radioactive Waste in Oklahoma: A GIS Approach
Hongbo Yu
A&S Summer Research Grant and +1 Supplement, Oklahoma State University. 
August 2007.

A Temporal GIS Approach for Analyzing Migration Histories
Hongbo Yu
Dean's Incentive Grant (DIG), Oklahoma State University. 
July 2007. Amount: $3,000

A GIS Implementation to Analyze the Process of Human Activities
Hongbo Yu
A&S Summer Research Grant, Oklahoma State University. 
August 2006.

Exploring Spatio-temporal Pattern Changes of Human Activities in the Information Age
Hongbo Yu
Dean's Incentive Grant (DIG), Oklahoma State University. 
July 2006. Amount: $3,000


The Association of American Geographers (AAG)
          Transportation Geography Specialty Group (TGSG)
          Geographic Information Systems and Science Specialty Group (GISSG)
          Spatial Analysis and Modeling Specialty Group (SAM)


Ph.D. Dissertation Award in Transportation Geography
 Transportation Geography Specialty Group (TGSG) of the Association of American Geographers (AAG); 2006

First Place of Student Honor Paper Competition
 GIS Special Group (GISSG) of the Association of American Geographers (AAG); 2005 

Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CaGIS) Award
 University Consortium of Geographic Information Science (UCGIS); 2004

Robert G. Long Outstanding Graduate Student
Department of Geography, University of Tennessee; 2004

Assistantship Award
ESRI International User Conference; 2004

First Place of Student Poster Competition
East Tennessee Regional GIS Conference; 2003

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Department of Geography, University of Tennessee; 2002