Dissertation Proposal Defense -- Jesse Andrews

04/14/2021 1:00 pm


PhD student Jesse Andrews will defend his dissertation proposal, "Situating the Vernacular South via Business Naming Patterns".

Zoom link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7237222724?pwd=VDBUeXZQSnZzeFlza3k1R25vbW1PUT09

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Abstract: The proposed research project comprises three articles. All three studies use aggregated business name data. The studies aim to delimit the South as a vernacular region and identify the limitations of these methods. The first piece looks at the effects of the former Dixie Highway's route on the density of "dixie" named businesses. The study measures Dixie-named businesses within a .5 km buffer around the highway's route to establish its effects on prior scholarship attempts to model the South as a vernacular region. The second piece uses city guide data from 1910 and 1930 to demarcate the South in the early 20th Century. This study uses a similar ratio method as prior scholarship beginning in the 1970s. Using comparable methods allows for direct comparisons of the region as modeled in the early 20th Century to a series of studies from the middle 1970s until the present. The third study pioneers a new method to study vernacular regions using collocational quotient. This statistical technique compares the relative attraction of point data. The study uses a variety of subregional terms related to the South, including "New South," "Dixie," Mid-South," and "Southeastern." Next, this study visualizes the distribution and frequency of these terms in the modern South. Finally, the piece examines the keyword hotspots' local demographics and the extent and scale that these clusters represent well-defined spatial entities