Zhao, Yu publish article in Journal of Transport Geography

Yun Zhao, a 2018 PhD Graduate of the department, and his advisor Dr. Hongbo Yu have published an article in the Journal of Transport Geography based on Yun's dissertation.

The article (and dissertation) proposes a more realistic evaluation of travel time between cities by developing a door-to-door approach. Most studies of air and rail travel focus only on that portion of the journey, omitting the travel time to/from airports and rail stations. This study models the total travel time, which consists of five components: access time (getting to the station), waiting time (inevitable!), on-board time, transfer time, and egress time. After developing the model, they undertake an applied study of both the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas, computing the most effective means of traveling between the cities via personal automobile, air travel, and a proposed high-speed rail (HSR) between the two based on specific origins and destinations within each city.

Dr. Zhao is now an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield.