Gustavo Ovando shares research in Mexico

Gustavo Ovando, PhD Student, recently was featured on a podcast by a non-profit organization called Indigenas DF, which stands for Indigenous peoples in the Federal District (DF is the former official name of Mexico City).

The organization tries to connect all indigenous people from across Mexico and Central America living in Mexico City in order to promote community, language preservation programs, commerce networks for indigenous crafts and foods, as well as indigenous rights.

Mentioned in this podcast is that besides his experience in mapping techniques, Gustavo had done research on indigenous segregation in Mexico City. He presented such research in their headquarters and shared maps from other projects regarding quality of life in Mexico City, economic well-being, indigenous concentration, and evidence of indigenous segregation. These maps along with the presentation and the interview are featured on their website. The audio material was used for their online radio program that they release every Friday. The program starts with indigenous music and and a call in a native Oaxacan language to unity and community.