ConocoPhillips Geography Career Spotlight Nov. 22

As part of the ConocoPhillips Geography Career Spotlight Speaker series, Dr. Daniel Griffith of the University of Texas-Dallas will give a talk entitled "Spatial Autocorrelation is Everywhere."

This talk is open to the public and is relevant for any academic interest - no statistical background is necessary. The event will take place in Classroom Building 112. A reception will follow in the Sequoyah Room in the Student Union.

Spatial autocorrelation is a property characterized by Tobler’s First Law of Geography: everything is related to everything else, but objects located close in geographic space are more strongly related than are objects separated by larger distances. A close inspection of many everyday situations reveals that spatial autocorrelation occurs almost anywhere one looks in the real world. This presentation inventories selected autocorrelation contexts, from art to games to puzzles to the Zika virus. It discusses everyday situations that rely on spatial autocorrelation. It describes everyday games that exploit spatial autocorrelation and draws attention to the SASIM smart phone app.