People, Place, Society

The People, Place, Society track is designed for students who are interested in different cultural perspectives, as well as the ways in which cultural practices influence and are influenced by technology, religion, globalization, and other social forces. This track supports careers in travel planning, teaching, advising, market research, city government, campaign management, and graduate school. Some courses in this track that students could take, but are not limited to, include:

          GEOG 3123: Urban Geography

          GEOG 3133: Political Geography

          GEOG 3163: Economic Geography

          GEOG 3173: Cultural Geography

          GEOG 3183: Transportation Geography

          GEOG 3073: Geography of Oklahoma

          GEOG 3213: Geographies of New Media

          GEOG 3243: Geography of Indian Country

          GEOG 3713: Geography of the United States and Canada

          GEOG 3783: Geography of the Middle East and Southwest Asia

          GEOG 4003: Natural Hazards and Society

          GEOG 4103: Historical Geography of the United States

          GEOG 4143: Geography of Travel and Tourism

          GEOG 4213: Sport, Place and Society

          GEOG 4253: Geographic Perspectives on American Women’s Travel Accounts Then and Now

          GEOG 4353 GIS: Socioeconomic Applications

Some examples of courses in other departments that could be taken towards this track are:
            SOC 1113: Introductory Sociology

            SOC 2123: Social Problems

            AMST 3253: Globalization and American Culture

            AMST 3423: American Popular Culture

            AMST 4553: Gender in America

            GWST 3450: Topics in Gender Studies