Environmental Change and Sustainability

The Environmental Change and Sustainability track is designed for students who are interested in sustainability, particularly as it is related to global and landscape change. This track supports careers in land-use monitoring and management, disaster management, as well as work with governmental and non-governmental organizations focused on the state of the environment. Some courses that students in this track could take, but are not limited to, are:
            GEOG 3023: Climatology

            GEOG 3033: Meteorology

            GEOG 3153: Conservation of Natural Resources

            GEOG 4003: Natural Hazards and Society

            GEOG 4023: Geography of Arid Lands

            GEOG 4053: Biogeography

            GEOG 4063: Geoarchaeology and Environmental History

            GEOG 4073: Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future

            GEOG 4083: Geography of Grass-dominated Ecosystems

            GEOG 4113: Cultural and Political Ecology

            GEOG 4233: Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

            GEOG 4333: Remote Sensing

            GEOG 4343: GIS: Resource Management Applications

Some examples of courses in other departments that could be taken to support this track are:
            NREM 1012: Introduction to Natural Resource Ecology and Management

            SOC 4433: Environmental Sociology