MS in Geography

The Department of Geography offers a program of study leading to the Master of Science (MS) degree. Course work is oriented toward problem-solving skills and techniques. Considerable leeway is granted with respect to the selection of course offerings. Plans of Study can be developed to accommodate numerous specialties in one of the department's three broad areas of emphasis: Geographic Information Science, including unmanned aerial systems, nature-society dynamics, and cultural-historical geography.

Course Requirements

1) Required Geography Core: 10 hours

  • 5001 - Professional Development in Geography
  • 5303 - Geographical Analysis I
  • 5413 - History and Philosophy of Geography
  • 5403 - Current Geographic Research

2) Other Required Courses: 6 hours, 3 hours each from Group I (Cultural/Historical/Human) and Group II (Natural Resources and Physical Geography):

Group I Group II
Course    Title   Course    Title
5140 Cultural and Historical Geography Seminar   5023 Geography of Arid Lands
5150 Geography of Sport, Recreation and Leisure Seminar               5063 Geoarchaeology and Environmental History
5443 Sustainable Tourism and Geography   5073 Climate Change: Past, Present, Future
6110 Seminar in Cultural and Political Ecology   5083 Geography of Grass-Dominated Ecosystems
6120 Seminar in Urban Geography   5113 Landscape Ecology
6130 Seminar in Political Geography   5123 International Resource Management
6180 Seminar in Transportation Geography   5163 Resource Management in Natural Parks
6210 Seminar in Historical Geography   5233 Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
      6013 Seminar in Quaternary Paleoecology
      6110  Seminar in Cultural and Political Ecology


3) Thesis Hours (thesis option only): 6 hours

4) Elective Coursework: 8 hours (thesis option) or 20 hours (non-thesis option): See Elective Coursework section on page 22 of the Graduate Program Handbook.


Full details on the MS program can be found starting on page 12 of the Handbook.



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