Program Information:

The minor in Geography provides students with an opportunity to explore topics of interest from an international and geographic perspective and is an excellent compliment to a variety of degree programs such as Political Science, Sociology, Natural Resource and Environmental Management, International Business, Global Studies, History, Economics, and Geology among others. The minor is designed to be completed in conjunction with general education degree requirements. 


Program Curriculum:

Specific degree requirements for the Minor in Geography are as follows (click here for more information about courses in the geography department):

1) GEOG 1114 - Physical Geography

2) GEOG 1113 (Cultural Geography) or 1713 (World Regional Geography)

3) Nine additional credit hours (3 courses) in GEOG, six hours of which must be upper division (3000- or 4000-level).

All grades must be a C or better.



Contact the Undergraduate Advisor in Geography as early as possible to discuss courses and to complete the Program Declaration Form. Visit the Advisor again during your final semester at OSU to confirm completion of the mionr.



A notation will appear on your final transcript indicating the minor(s) right below the major degree granted. Minors do not show up on your transcript until you graduate no matter how early you finish the minor.



Anthony Valentine, Sr. Academic Advisor

CAS Student Success Center
213 Life Sciences East
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
(405) 744-5658